The power of coaching…

Thanks to the Southampton CIPD group for their warm welcome. ¬†After an 80 minute, very fast, whistle-stop tour of Coaching Skills here is the feedback about the session…the power of coaching never ceases to amaze me, even when it’s fast and furious!

Question – “what will you take away from the event to implement for your future professional development?”:

Effective Coaching Skills, how to apply myself as well as others; active listening; 80/20% coachee to coach; the GROW model; take time to have development discussions; find someone to coach and get someone to coach me; using coaching skills more at work; new types of questions; made me aware I enjoy coaching; gave me an awareness of myself, body language, questions and use of silence; undertake my own personal development; set up my own action plans with thumbs-upmilestones.