Business Coaching

‘Coaching’ essentially consists of a series of really useful conversations.  Alison is a skilled and highly qualified Business Coach who helps clients identify and work on their development objectives, to benefit themselves and their organisation.  Typically 3-6 coaching sessions of 1-2 hours are required.  Face to face sessions are preferable, at the client’s work place or a mutually agreeable location.

Alison is an Ashridge Accredited Coach, recognised at Master Practitioner Level by the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) with 19 years’ practical experience of coaching leaders and business executives.  Before becoming a professional Coach, Alison achieved high levels of operational success at John Lewis, a major award-winning UK retail business. Alison has extensive understanding of how to succeed in business and effectively lead teams.

Alison achieved a Masters in Executive Coaching, with Distinction, and regularly participates in Supervision to ensure she is providing her clients with the best possible support.

Alison builds and maintains strong relationships, creating a climate of trust and support in which she can raise self-awareness and challenge any unhelpful assumptions or thinking.  Alison’s Person Centred approach means that she considers each coaching client to have great potential. As part of her Relational approach, Alison reflects back how she is experiencing a client during the coaching relationship, providing insight into their potential impact on others and within their business.

Alison works with large Corporate companies, Small to Medium sized Enterprises and private business professionals.  Her experience includes the following sectors: Banks & Financial Services; Charity; Customer Service; Education; Marketing; Retail including all of its support functions; Sales.

Alison considers each client to be unique but the topics below regularly feature during Business Coaching – see also Career Coaching and Executive Coaching.

Alison has extensive experience of coaching clients who want support or inspiration. Typical topics appear below, with feedback from some of Alison’s current clients to the right.


Supporting and challenging clients as they define and communicate their vision, engaging those who need to help deliver it

“By exploring my thought processes, I can clearly identify my leadership style and techniques.  I question what and how I am doing things.”

Needing to set clear direction and expectations whilst empowering teams to think for themselves, develop their own skills and be innovative

“I found it particularly helpful when trying to deal with the poor performance of my team.  Alison managed to ask the right questions to get a clear understanding of where they were failing and then helped me generate some great ideas of how to deal with this…”

Organisational change or improved ways of working to increase effectiveness or profit

“I have found the mind mapping of my thoughts enables me to gain clarity on the situations I am going through and how to deal with them.  I always leave the sessions feeling revived and eager to get on.”


Driven by a personal desire or because this has been set as an objective

“I think about the impact on others more so now and have started to build more meaningful relationships as a consequence.”

Heightening their effectiveness or happiness in their role in addition to accessing support, expertise and new ideas

“I have started to network, both internally and externally, which I have never had the desire to do beforehand, let alone take action.”

Communicating more clearly, engaging key stakeholders and delivering lasting results

“I have learnt a lot about myself as a person and how to manage the way I interact with others and relate to situations, helping me in my work and personal life!”


To understand the benefits and consequences of their impact on others, adjusting their approach as necessary

“Several people actually said they couldn’t believe I was the same person they saw last year!  It’s mind blowing really…”

Having received a knock to their confidence or because they lack self-belief or are overly self-critical

“The biggest impact that Alison has had on me is that I now recognise the ‘beat up’ session…where it comes from, why I do it and how I can try to stop it happening in the first place. That has been nothing short of ‘ground breaking’ for me.”

In a supportive environment because they rarely experience this in their organisation

“Alison can be both motivational and challenging, never allowing you to doubt yourself or your ability.”

In their fast paced ever-changing work environment.  Effective time management and creating space to think helps clients develop their own and their organisation’s potential

“Alison helped me steer through the fog and pick out the key points for me to consider in moving forward but at all times I felt that I owned the thoughts.”