Welcome to Alison Craig Coaching

Our mission at Alison Craig Coaching Ltd is, to help managers at all levels

  • get the best from their teams, themselves and their colleagues
  • be remembered for the right reasons

Because we know

  • leadership expertise, or lack of it, can make or break a career, team or business
  • how frustrating it is, to have to get results through others, when motivating people seems hard and it feels easier to do it yourself
  • what it’s like to be the expert, then not know where to start as you take on greater responsibility or the business’ goalposts move
  • the higher you progress, the more it can feel like you’re flying solo
  • that, like the many other managers and management teams we’ve worked with, with the right guidance and confidential support you can lead even more effectively and be less stressed

What we do

  • Use our skills & experience to help define what’s getting in the way of your success and happiness at work
  • Identify which leadership techniques will have the best impact on results, team culture and team development
  • Guide you on how to quit fire-fighting and gain back time and control
  • Enable you and your team to achieve your full potential and deliver on strategy

We work with individual managers or management teams, at all levels, within SMEs and large global companies across multiple sectors.

We have a wealth of experience managing teams ourselves and proven expertise and tools to guide you.

Alison Craig, an Ashridge Accredited Executive Coach, founded the company in 2013 following a successful career at John Lewis, a retail company renowned for its excellent culture, training, and development of people.

Have any questions?

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Email: alison@alisoncraigcoaching.co.uk

At Alison Craig Coaching Ltd we believe that if you ‘get it right’ with your people they will ‘get it right’ with your customers.  We partner with you to deliver programmes, materials and tailored support that will help you deliver your goals through your people.

We are skilled in designing, applying and recommending solutions to suit your unique organisation.  This may include:

  • Leadership Development Programmes, for new or more experienced managers
  • 1 to 1 Coaching, for newly appointed managers right through to your CEO
  • Team Building, for teams at all levels include the senior leadership team
  • Mentoring for your managers, around how to develop a high performance team
  • 360 degree feedback with coaching

Our approach:
Bespoke We identify what’s getting in the way for you or your team and tailor our support accordingly
Pragmatic We share practical advice and work collaboratively with you, so you know how to apply it
Realistic We help you weave new learning into your current strategy, rather than it be ‘another thing’
Flexible We flex our support and timelines to fit you and your business needs

Contact Alison Craig Coaching Ltd today if you could benefit from their support.

We spend a large proportion of our waking hours at work, so how do we choose a career in which we can excel and feel fulfilled?

It can be difficult to change direction when constrained by family and monetary commitments but it’s not impossible…perhaps you will be inspired by this clip.

Contact Alison today, if you wish to reassess your current career or redesign your future direction.

What if money was no object? Time to unslave humanity
Narrated by Alan Watts

Clients sometimes ponder the differences between Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling.  All three ‘talking’ activities offer valuable support.  Many of the skills required are similar, so it can be difficult to provide a clear definition.  At a high level, the differences may be described as follows:


Mentors mainly draw on their own past experience, and skills in their given field, to support and give advice to someone in a similar job or scenario.


Trained Coaches facilitate clients in finding their own solutions. Ultimately the person being coached decides what action to take or changes to make, to accomplish set goals over a defined time period.  Clients are encouraged to learn through the process, rather than be told what to do.


Counselling and Psychotherapy are ‘talking therapies’ delivered by qualified practitioners.  Practitioners often look to the immediate or distant past to explore how various life events, relationships and ways of thinking/ behaving may have shaped current difficulties.  Refer to www.bacp.co.uk for further information.