Team Coaching

During Team Coaching Alison facilitates a collective conversation with a team, including their line manager, to support them in achieving their goals.  Alison designs Team Coaching sessions or Team Building Events around an organisation’s particular needs, to help them create high-performance teams by improving the following:

  • Commitment – to a common goal or vision
  • Understanding – of each person’s role to play
  • Communication – reducing conflict and improving a team’s effectiveness and reliability
  • Relationships – increasing trust, retention and productivity
  • Quality of results – with teams working collaboratively to drive the business forward
  • Company culture & reputation – with increased understanding of organisational values and team members viewing it as a ‘great place to work’

Typically a series of 3 – 5 sessions are beneficial.

Various tools and models can be used to help benchmark the team’s progress from start to finish.  Personality profiles can also be used to help develop better relationships and collaborative working across teams.

Alison has 26 years’ personal experience of managing diverse teams.  She combines this with her extensive business understanding and coaching qualifications to provide a supportive yet challenging environment, in which teams can measure their current level of performance and determine how to develop it further.  Alison understands how difficult, yet crucial, it is to sustain team unity and effective communication during busy and challenging times.

Alison listens carefully and uses insightful questioning to understand the unique challenges that the client faces, before designing a bespoke Team Coaching session or Event to deliver their desired outcome. Alison’s practical and enthusiastic approach ensures that Team Coaching is both effective and memorable.

“I particularly valued the work she did to support me in merging two separate managerships. I approached Alison to help me in forming a united management team (2 from one department and 4 from the other including 2 new appointments). I wanted to explore individual strengths and personality preferences in MBTI styles for the first time as a team and encourage openness and discussion around the challenges of being able to collectively maximise these in the leadership of the department.

Alison designed a bespoke session tailored specifically to my requirements and facilitated a half day that encouraged honest and specific practical discussion in groups, pairs and trios. With exercises she brought the theory to life for example using balloons and flip charts to capture what we appreciated in each other. In depth she covered our preferences for communication, team culture, leadership, change, problem solving and stress.

The session allowed us to reflect on some aspects of conflict in the early days of working together, understand and appreciate each other more, repair some broken bridges and think more about how we wanted to work as a united team. Alison’s skills as an MBTI practitioner were invaluable to this and feedback was positive from all. In the year following we enjoyed outstanding commercial success out-performing the branch and like-for-like sales by 14%, this would not have been possible without a high performing leadership team.”  Paul Lewis, John Lewis