Career Coaching

Alison and her team have extensive experience of supporting people who want to progress or reinvigorate their career.  ‘Coaching’ essentially consists of a series of really useful conversations.  During these career focused conversations we help you identify your strengths, as a platform for growth and fulfilment, and how to overcome obstacles getting in your way.  Typically 3-6 coaching sessions of 1-2 hours are required.  These can be face to face, at a mutually agreeable location, or via ‘phone or video call.

Alison is an Ashridge Accredited Coach, recognised at Master Practitioner Level by the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council).  Over the past 20 years she has regularly coached leaders and business executives who wish to develop their career. Before becoming a professional Coach, Alison achieved high levels of operational success at John Lewis, a major award-winning UK retail business.  She understands the challenges and opportunities that clients face in shaping their future.

Alison achieved a Masters in Executive Coaching, with Distinction, and regularly participates in Supervision to ensure she is providing her clients with the best possible support.

Alison handpicked all of the qualified coaches who work with clients at Alison Craig Coaching Ltd.

Career Coaching helps you identify your strengths and clarify your thinking, helping you see the wood for the trees.  Coaches at Alison Craig Coaching Ltd build and maintain strong relationships, creating a climate of trust and support in which you can be totally honest about your aspirations and concerns.  Their Person Centred approach means that they consider you to have great potential.  They help raise your self-awareness and challenge any unhelpful assumptions or thinking.  As part of their Relational approach, they reflect back how they are experiencing you during the coaching relationship, providing insight into how others may perceive you.

Alison Craig Coaching Ltd works with large corporate companies, SMEs and private business professionals across multiple sectors including: Financial Services; Retail & Customer Service; FMCG; Education; Charity; the Motor Trade; Engineering; Construction; Marketing & Communications; Health & Sciences; Law.

Each client is unique but the topics below regularly feature during Leadership Coaching – see also Career Coaching and Executive Coaching.


Alison Craig Coaching Ltd has vast experience of coaching clients who want support or inspiration with the topics outlined below. Client feedback appears alongside.


Because you know you are capable of more, or because you are being encouraged to take the next step but feel hesitant

“Alison asked questions that really made me consider my answers/ choices/ decisions, which in turn led me to either reconsider some of the thoughts I had about my career plan, or strengthen how I felt about other elements of it.”

Gaining practical experience; getting ready to attend an interview or Development Centre; working through personal feedback

“The build up to and time after the assessment was really useful, being able to talk freely, and without prejudice was hugely beneficial.”

Excited to have won the post but knowing you now need to ‘hit the floor running’ and prove them right!

“I found particularly useful Alison’s use of Mindmaps to unravel my thoughts – she has always given me a copy when I’ve asked and this helps me reflect and move forward.”


Because you want to develop your personal brand and have an even better effect on colleagues or clients, or because you’ve received feedback that you need to work on this

“I think about the impact on others more so now and have started to build more meaningful relationships as a consequence.”

Reduce conflict, have productive relationships and build a great network

“I have started to network, both internally and externally, which I have never had the desire to do beforehand, let alone take action.”

Developing your communication style so you can engage key stakeholders at every level and achieve better results

“I have learnt a lot about myself as a person and how to manage the way I interact with others and relate to situations, helping me in my work and personal life!”


So you really know how people experience you and can adjust your style and approach as necessary

“Several people actually said they couldn’t believe I was the same person they saw last year!  It’s mind blowing really…”

Build your confidence and self-esteem at work, so you can feel happy and resilient in all scenarios

“The biggest impact that Alison has had on me is that I now recognise the ‘beat up’ session…where it comes from, why I do it and how I can try to stop it happening in the first place. That has been nothing short of ‘ground breaking’ for me.”