Creating a Successful Team Culture

What is culture?

Many influences on the success of your business may feel outside of your control, but culture is something you as a leader can positively impact.  In fact, the cost of not doing so can be crippling.  Culture impacts individual and team performance, client service, interpersonal conflict, sickness, retention of talent – the list goes on. 

You can’t pick ‘culture’ up in both hands and hold on to it, but you can see, hear and feel it when you walk into a business. Edgar Schein, an American professor of psychology, said culture is “the basic assumptions and beliefs that are shared by members of a business unit.” Those assumptions and beliefs play out in people’s behaviour, their body language, their interactions with others and their response to challenges.

Culture Avenue: 

The pandemic proved it is possible to adapt and evolve ways of working and behaving,  It had a huge impact on culture and there is no better time than now to review yours.  So, where to start if you want to venture down Culture Avenue?…

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