To blog or not to blog?!

I know it makes sense to have a blog but for two weeks I’ve been avoiding getting started.  After a great walk in today’s sparkling sunshine I feel ready to begin!

Pure white snowdrops, fast flowing streams brimming with rain water, fresh air smelling somehow cleaner than usual…all of these simple wonders inspired me to be natural, not to try too hard when writing…just to be me.

Being surrounded by rich green fields reminded me to tell you about my logo.  When choosing it, acorns stood out as clearly in my mind as the stark trees against today’s clear blue sky.  I wanted a symbol to represent my love of nature and one of the key reasons why I enjoy, and often feel humbled by, my role.

The old saying “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow” reflects the huge reward I still feel when a seemingly small realisation during coaching, or piece of learning during training, grows into a strong transformation in a person’s thinking or way of being.  Such change can revolutionise clients’ ability to perform, their levels of confidence, their relationships and so many other aspects of their business lives.  It is a real honour to be a part of that process.